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Back To School Week One… Check!

The hustle and bustle of back to school had most of us scrambling about, children or not. The stores were packed, the streets full of life and the typical summer hot spots were picked clean of every last morsel of fun. The energy in this city was intense. Labor Day seemed to bring a collective […]

The big FAT lie!!!

I have a lot in my head. I’m one of those “thinkers” that is often asked as a hand is waved gently in front of my face “You O.K, what were you just thinking about”? Often times I snap out of it, smile and simply say ; “nothing, sorry” then turn on the hyper speed […]

Year End Awesomeness

As the end of the year approaches I start to feel that twinge of undefined anxiety, that deep rooted need for the yearly “Do Over”.  I begin to mentally catalog all the things I will do better next year, which ultimately brings a focus to all the things I may have done poorly this year.  […]

Nature’s Spa begins to Blog

Hello out there!  For many months now we here at Nature’s Spa, well more specifically me..have been planning the very first blog entry and it has been a bit of an ordeal I must say!  For no other reason than the pressure to post something with the bling, bang, pop and WOW that one feels […]