Thank you to Oliver and Lauren for the wonderful trigger point roller ball training!!! So often during a treatment we come across tight, blood deficient areas of the body that need more than just an occasional massage to not just loosen but be made healthy. At home care for both the body and the skin is essential! You certainly wouldn’t forego brushing your teeth until the next time you met with your dentist and your skin and muscle tissue need the same attention.

Frequent stretching, releasing tight muscles through at home massage and rolling and a healthy diet are all powerful tools against aging, injury and illness.

A good at home skin care plan using organic products that FEED the skin along with routine professional facials will keep the youthful glow and healthy vibrancy we all strive for.

Taking this class was inspiring and motivating!! In fact I gave myself a mini facial and worked with my foam roller once the kids went to bed and I felt very taken care of!

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