The hustle and bustle of back to school had most of us scrambling about, children or not. The stores were packed, the streets full of life and the typical summer hot spots were picked clean of every last morsel of fun. The energy in this city was intense.

Labor Day seemed to bring a collective sigh and a surrendering to a new phase of schedules and anticipated containment. Clothes put out for the next morning, back packs and school planners accounted for, weekly menu planners full of family dinner ideas and calendar stickers for every appointment, practice, game and activity ready to be placed.

I love this time of year.

I love the quieting of one season and the emergence of a new one.

I especially love the chance to try again.

In the beginning of the year I had this grandiose idea that I would eat super healthy everyday. I was sure I would incorporate fresh juice from my juicer into each morning, a workout each day, a massage once a week, and low carb-low sugar meals would be the norm.

Oh yeah….and I was going to journal right after my morning meditation.

I did all these things.

Just not everyday, or every week for that matter. I peppered my attempts in amongst the other choices I made. I ran, sometimes. I juiced, every now and then and I meditated in my own special way.

Yet, here we are. A new and brilliant season in upon us. Autumn! What a perfect time for shedding the guilt or disappointment of “perceived failures” and embracing a new vision. I say “perceived failures” because really…they are not failures but the beginning steps of change along an endless path of stairs.

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

I have the perfect new work out plan I found on Pinterest and a new stack of meal ideas ready to be tested, I have tons of ideas and tons of time to give them a try.

I love this time of year and all the wonderful changes and adventures that it brings. I love the prospect of seeing long time clients during the fall months for our new seasonal treatments and meeting some new ones as well.

Thank you for visiting Nature’s Spa and be on the look out for massage, facial and body treatment specials….and if you have any stories to share or ideas to pass along we are always willing recipients!! :)


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