About Us

Nature’s Spa & Wellness is a family owned, appointment only, boutique spa established in 2007. Conveniently located in South Charlotte between Ballantyne and South Park, our focus is on perfecting every treatment using the finest ingredients and staffing a unique group of highly trained, natural born healers. This charming, petite spa offers a one of a kind experience.

We believe in asking ourselves and others, “How do you treat yourself?” “How do you prioritize the things in life that promote health, wellness and balance?” At Natures’ Spa our main goal is to promote internal self-healing and simple kindness. We provide our clients with a warm and relaxing environment in which to enjoy a well-deserved respite from life’s stressful demands. Whether your visit is for a single service or one of our many incredible packages, we work to ensure each client has the best possible experience.

Our clients reflect all stages of life – from teens to seniors. We recognize that each stage presents unique and wonderful challenges on the road to self-care and we consider it an honor to help you on that journey.

Relaxation for mind, body, and soul

Nature’s Spa

Our Team

Nature’s Spa is proud to staff only the highest trained therapists and estheticians that Charlotte has to offer, providing personalized, nurturing treatments in a quiet, salon free environment. Collectively, our staff represents more than 150 years of experience in their fields, with several achieving national certification.  We strive to build relationships and provide service from and for the heart. You and your loved ones will be held in a safe and sacred place by a staff dedicated to impeccable customer service and truly personalized treatments.

From time to time we will showcase a specific staff member so that you can get to know them and experience their talents and specialties. It also helps us recognize them for all they bring to Nature’s Spa each day.

Featured Therapist: Frank Sanady

Master Medical Massage Therapist

Frank Sanady is our most tenured therapist and greatest supporter.  With 35 years of experience, Frank has moved beyond a great massage therapist and has elevated his practice to a bodywork art form.  His deep and vast knowledge of the human anatomy paired with a conceptual awareness of movement, pain and structural patterns, allows him to “unwind” the body and free it from habitual holding patterns that cause ache, fatigue and often times injury.

Any movement done consistently over time will eventually lead to a postural distortion through a shortening of select muscles or muscle groups. This action pulls you off a standard, efficient body plane thereby overworking and injuring the opposing muscle.  This is where a good NMT or medical massage therapist is worth their weight in gold!

NMT is a therapeutic treatment designed to help restore balance within the body, often referred to as a medical massage. An imbalance over a period of time can create chronic pain and dysfunction, and can eventually lead to many conditions such as…carpal tunnel syndrome, frozen shoulder, rotator cuff injury,  plantar fasciitis, sciatica, TMJ disorder, chronic neck and back pain, or even functional scoliosis.  This massage is very beneficial in conjunction with physical therapy, pre or post-surgery or after the acute onset of an injury or “pulled muscle.”  The massage will be a therapeutic style session with segmented routines and is not intended for deep relaxation; but rather pain relief and restructuring.

Frank not only finds great passion in treating conditions and getting people out of pain, but he has also studied Lomi Lomi massage in Hawaii, and is well versed in relaxation techniques which come in handy during a two hour NMT medical massage as a way to break up the routine.