As the end of the year approaches I start to feel that twinge of undefined anxiety, that deep rooted need for the yearly “Do Over”.  I begin to mentally catalog all the things I will do better next year, which ultimately brings a focus to all the things I may have done poorly this year.  I arm myself with the obvious and righteous reasons why things went the way they did and how things will surely go different when I get my annual do over.  It seems as if I am always chasing that notion that at some point in my life, things will go exactly how I planned them to go as I make up my new years resolution “list”.

Oh the pressure!!

Healthy expectations are good, healthy aspirations serve a beautiful purpose and  yet a balance to all things is vital!!

And so starts my quest to wrap up the year with a gentle purpose, to not be firmly held to drastic changes, but to feel the nurturing guidance of slow and steady self growth.

This year I am trying something new….again.  What if  I approach things from a quarterly perspective?  A self loving, healthy guided, quarterly perspective :)  Hmmm.  I think that may work.


As I sit here and write I am on the last 6 ounces of my 20 oz morning “gulp”, day 5!!!  Nothing drastic… I’m not starving myself for the next 21 day because I am not there yet, fasting can be beneficial to some people, at some point in their lives.  For now I am content with a mild form of detox. I will keep ya posted.

I have a 12:30 appointment with a my new personal trainer (although they are expensive, I needed a fresh twist to get me motivated and keep me engaged for right now).  I purchased 6 session…well my oh so amazing husband bought them for me (my sanity is his salvation :)  SOOOO WORTH IT!!  I personally plan to use just one per week to spread out the support and learn some new techniques.  Will I be ready for a Sports Illustrated photo shoot…no, but I will be one step closer to stronger bones, better cardiovascular health and a surge of feel good hormones that are like those nuts you see squirrels harvesting all over the place, they will keep me healthy and alive through the dreary winter months.

I bought my winter cook book, Super Natural Every Day by Heidi Swanson which is packed with healthy recipes that are sure to nourish my body!  Will I cook only from this book and  eat only super uber healthy meals, no, but I will try to do something a little different for the next 3 months.  Remember this is a quarterly shift so if I veer off a bit I can always right the ship in just a little while.

Finally, I have made a pact with some of those nearest and dearest to me that during the week I will do my best to speak positively.  Now that is not to say that things wont bother me or that I should keep things bottled up inside, or that I should not address concerns.  It is a shift in perspective!  If I absolutely HAVE to speak outside of the positive I plan to write down my concern, decide if it needs to be addressed immediately or if it can wait until a day I designate “check in day” and move on.  When check in day arrives, my concerns may be genuine needs that need to be heard or they may turn out to be personal “triggers” that require a little self exploration.

There you go…my plan for some year end awesomeness by way of a simple detox cleanse, some support for my physical enrichment, a bit of healthy meal experimentation and a gamble that what I say can really change how I feel.  The best part?  I am not loading on the pressure to completely revamp all of 2013, in fact I’m not even waiting until the usual January first overhaul.  This mind, body, spirit work out plan will take me through the holidays and well past D day!

Share your thoughts.  Share your ideas. Share your support….and share the love!!




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