I have a lot in my head. I’m one of those “thinkers” that is often asked as a hand is waved gently in front of my face “You O.K, what were you just thinking about”?

Often times I snap out of it, smile and simply say ; “nothing, sorry” then turn on the hyper speed and move about as normal.  The truth is, I am always thinking, about something I read, something I heard, something I wonder or something I cant fully grasp yet.

This blog has plagued me!  I keep thinking I need to have a plan or that I need to write in a way that is followable, like a book.  I back down from writing when it seems too “personal” or doesn’t support Natures Spa-when it doesn’t speak about the benefits of massage or why exfoliation is so important to the skin.

Ha!  I will never do that.  I cannot sit and write as if I am constructing a brochure.

Here is what I can do.  I can tell you that I read a wonderful article in the Well Being Journal May/June titled “The Lipid Hypothesis: The Big Fat Lie, by Pauli Halstead.

As long as I can remember I have had intense aversions to “fat free” products.  There once was a “Snack Good” cookie that came out and professed great taste with no fat.  Curious and just embarking on my passion for nutrition, I tried it.  Once was all it took.  My body reacted exactly how it should have, it rejected it and I listened.  Since then I have continued to shy away from eating that which does not make sense.

Nature’s Spa is a big supporter of detox programs, we carry one that I have grown to enjoy over all the others we have tried.  Its pretty cut and dry and the truth is the hard part isn’t really in the detox supplements themselves; its in the modifications of what you ingest that gifts you with the struggle :)

When people ask me what they can eat during their prep week and I tell them: lean cuts of meat, chicken, fish, sauteed vegetables to just under crisp, small slices of hard cheese, avocados, nuts and coconut water just to name a few things, I often get a response similar to “really, isn’t there a lot of fat in some of those things”?

The answer is yes, there is a good amount of fat in most of the food  ideas I’ve mentioned and that’s O.K.

Back to the “Big Fat Lie”, the  reason I loved this article is that it gives some good statistics about fat.  Read up a bit on the Lipid Hypothesis which states that ingested fat causes heart disease.

Then research the Framingham Heart Study which revealed, among other things, that the more saturated fat a person ate, the lower their serum cholesterol became and that declining cholesterol levels in people over fifty were associated with an increase in overall mortality and death from cardiovascular disease.

Studies conducted within modern indigenous tribes who still consume their original diet of up to 400 grams of animal fat per day found that, unlike Americans, suffer no rheumatoid arthritis, heart disease, cancer, chronic and degenerative diseases or high blood pressure.

“The Okinawan Japanese people are the longest living people on Earth.  Of those Japanese groups studied, those who ate the most eggs, butter, whole milk and cheese and fish had a 28{09567f47b7ea9b6de6144197c431bfcd21c27514908de8047263d79e9e39addc} lower risk of stroke than those who ate the least”.

In Primal Body, Primal Mind, Nora Gedgaudas speaks on the value of cholesterol that I found most interesting:

Despite the body’s ability to manufacture its own cholesterol it is very critical to supplement cholesterol in the diet.  Historically the human diet has always contained significant amounts of cholesterol.  Restricting or eliminating its intake indicates a crisis or famine in the body.  The result is the production of a liver enzyme called HMG-CoA reductase, which, in effect, then overproduces cholesterol from carbohydrates in the diet.  Consuming carbohydrates in the diet, while decreasing cholesterol intake, guarantees a steady, overproduction of cholesterol in the body.  The only way to switch this overproduction off is to consume an adequate amount of dietary cholesterol and back off the carbs. 

Now this is not to say that we should go out and ingest any type of fat out there.  NO, we need to look at “good fats”.  Look for grass fed beef if you eat meat, look for butter made exclusively from grass fed cows, opt for good oils that will boost your omega 3 and 6 such as coconut oil, olive, sesame or palm (RED PALM OIL) and know that when you eat a combinations of good fats throughout the day it helps with weight loss by curbing those cravings for carbohydrates, thereby keeping your blood sugar stable.

Another point I found interesting was that our body cannot easily break down cooked oil and may cause weight gain.  So avoid the fried foods, instead, drizzle a little  flax seed oil and vinegar on that blackened salmon salad with toasted pine nuts, avocado and grass fed goat cheese and enjoy. But please don’t feel that you cant enjoy a good, not so healthy dose of fat every now and then…its OK.

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