Hello out there!  For many months now we here at Nature’s Spa, well more specifically me..have been planning the very first blog entry and it has been a bit of an ordeal I must say!  For no other reason than the pressure to post something with the bling, bang, pop and WOW that one feels pressured to write!  Then it hit me, I am creating the very stress that I encourage my clients to work to avoid…unnecessary stress that eats away the minutes of our day, raises our anxiety level and spins us towards whatever vices we turn too!  I feel myself slathering a negative salve over my spirit, looking at the computer with shame and defeat while I lament over the exact words that will elevate Nature’s Spa into this iconic local hot spot.

I don’t have those words, in fact some days I don’t have any words.

What I do have is a wonderful husband who encourages me to “just write something”, 3 beautiful kids who provide me with an endless supply of comedic ranting material,  a business that bites at my heels and threatens to consume me (all the while feeding my spirit in wondrous ways) and a tangy zest for the profession I absolutely LOVE!!

I have the most amazing clients that visit me, allowing me to do what I enjoy…everyday!!  When asked what I “do” I can simply reply “I am a massage therapist and an esthetician (skin care)” but those are just the general titles and not what I do on a daily basis.  By nature  I am a caregiver and that characteristic is more what defines me than the simple general term provided by the profession.

Through this blog I hope to convey that! I hope to have an outlet for the things I care passionately about such as stress reduction, self acceptance, SELF CARE, healthy eating, healthy living, spiritual growth and enrichment and healthy bonding with friends and family.  I also hope to gain a better perspective and absorb support for the things I struggle with such as being consistent, running a business effectively and compassionately- while still making time for myself, finding the motivation to work out, PATIENCE, boundaries and how to really stick to a clean diet (most of the time).  That is just a few that I can name off the top of my head :)

I hope you enjoy the blog, I hope I don’t disappoint, but I am OK if I do, I am human and this is my “being human” blog!

This is also my first entry….congratulations to me!  As I wrap up this first post I feel good, I feel like I did ONE little thing off my never ending list and I am fine to stop and celebrate the bigness that can be found in this one small thing!

What is the one small thing you can do today that gives you permission to CELEBRATE!!   You would be sooo surprised the shift that occurs in your day if you take time to celebrate the seemingly small things!

Woo Hoo to you!!


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