Rest and Repair

September is often a tough month for many of us. I’m not sure exactly why but it seems that we are torn between the loss of summer and all the fun and energy that it brings and the emergence of a more dormant period that sparks a feeling of deep rest.

We are in the split of two seasons that to me, seems a lot like a child up way past bedtime; wired, overtired and still wanting to play but needing desperately to settle down, rest and repair.

As we move into this beautiful static state, take note of what your body is craving, what it needs.  Autumn is a natural season for letting go, detoxifying and focusing on repair.

Now is a perfect time to start that skin brightening and lightening treatment plan that targets sun damage and uneven skin tone.  As the earth moves further away from the sun, its rays are less damaging and reparative treatments are far more effective.  You could also rev up the goals and try a 21-day detox with a 3-day body wrap plan or simply gift yourself with one massage per month to flush out toxins and soothe tired muscles.

No matter the course you choose, just by treating yourself to some much-needed pampering and care you are setting a tone for the rest of the year and hopefully a greater awareness of your worth as we move into the New Year ahead.

Remember, it is never too late to start taking care of this one body you have.  “HOW DO YOU TREAT YOURSELF”?

getting yourself healthy costs money

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