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Interestingly, Blogs are flooded with New Year’s resolutions just as much as they are with Anti New
Year’s resolutions. Resolve to make a change this year or resolve to NOT put that added stress or
pressure on yourself at the very start of the year?

Personally, I feel that the start of the new year, a complete change of date, is the perfect time to do
some good old-fashioned evaluation – what worked, what didn’t and what would a revision look like for

I have a litany of ideas for myself and I have vowed to focus on at least one, for now.

Believe it or not, one of the things I noticed wasn’t working for me last year was the inconsistency that
crept up for me around getting regular massages. I do try to practice what I preach and therefore I am a
firm believer in taking great care of myself; unprecedented self- care! Last year rolled over me like a
freight train and I filled my schedule with “urgent matters” leaving little time for my monthly massage.

That shall not pass this year!! (spoken like Wizzie from Boss Baby).

Here are a few things that took a hit when I neglected to take care of myself and could have been
greatly improved by my monthly massage:
1. Anxiety and stress
2. Immunity
3. Sleep regulation
4. Balance and equilibrium
5. Muscle density

When searching for reasons to get a massage, if you sincerely must extrapolate a reason, you will read
countless articles and statistics around the myriad of benefits stemming from regular massage.
Five of those benefits are listed above and I noticed an impact to every single one of them over a short
period of time. It wasn’t immediate so I wasn’t fully aware of the decline until it was too late, until I
contracted at least 3 severe colds, suffered periods of constant dizziness, began waking up all hours of
the night and found myself under a veil of constant anxiety and stressful thoughts. The decline in
muscle density was just as much from not having my muscles massaged and cleansed as it was the lack
of energy and motivation due to all the other ailments. Massage also helps to increase circulation which
brings fresh blood to the muscles so they can repair and build. I HAD NONE OF THAT.

No matter if you choose to embrace a New Year’s resolution or you opt to just let the year unfold, you
will be greatly served by considering a massage once a month to boost your immunity, regulate and
improve sleep, ward off anxiety and stress, promote balance and equilibrium and increase muscle

For me, I vow to treat myself with a level of importance that surpasses all other responsibilities. I will
get outdoors more, drink more water and enjoy a massage once a month! I feel better already.

We here at Nature’s Spa look forward to getting to know you better over the next 12 wonderful months.
Warm wishes and many blessing to you and yours this year!

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