Service Enhancements

In so many instances, it’s that little extra that sets certain experiences apart from others.  Because we are all unique in our design and desires, what deepens the level of relaxation or results for one, might not impact another.

It is for that reason that our service enhancements are some of our most requested treatments on our menu; they add that special touch to an already special service.

Here at Nature’s Spa, we have used our nearly 15 years of spa wisdom to craft some of the most indulgent and transformative add on services in the industry, thereby improving the quality, value and extent of each session. Our service enhancements cater to the specific wants of each and every client, making it a truly customizable and “unique to you” experience.

Listed below are all the enhancements available for skin care services.

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Facial Enhancements

Scent is the strongest tie to memory

Aromatherapy – $20

Our sense of smell is the only one of our senses that goes directly to the amygdala and hippocampus in the brain (areas strongly linked to emotion) and can be utilized to improve overall well-being.

Using specific oils, your session can be tailored to help ease stress, boost energy, induce deep breathing and provide spiritual grounding.

Lavender: A versatile oil known to treat anxiety, depression, and insomnia. It sooths and revitalizes the skin while reducing muscle soreness and promoting a deep state of relaxation.

Eucalyptus and Peppermint: This combination is a powerful union of two of the most widely used oils.  Known for clearing the mind and body, its perfect for those spinning with cluttered thoughts and shallow breaths.  It is also a unique vasodilator, helping to expand blood vessels and increase circulation.

Lemongrass: This is oil offers both a boost of energy along with pain relief due to its anti-inflammatory properties. A compound in lemongrass called eugenol has similar abilities to aspirin and helps to release serotonin, a hormone that regulates mood and cognitive functions.

Frankincense and Bergamot: A grounding oil that works to bring you into a state of balance, both physically and mentally so that it can rest, repair, and heal on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. This resin oil derived from roots, helps to pull your energy centers deep down into the earth. Solid, strong, supported.

There are years that ask questions and years that answer ~ Zora Neale Hurston

Youthful Hands Treatment – $25

Our hands are one of the greatest conveyers of our age, both in appearance and functionality. Pamper your tired, overworked, and sore hands with our Youthful Hands Treatment.

Using a natural retinol along with an AHA cocktail of lemon, passion fruit, grape and pineapple extracts this treatment gently exfoliates the overexposed skin of the hands. This is followed by a hydrating mask and a deep, soothing hand massage using the restorative properties of neroli, coconut and shea butter.

Your hands will look and feel refreshed.

The eyes are the windows to the soul, what they hold is more valuable than gold.

Restorative three step eye treatment: $20

This three-step process, using a glycolic acid and berry peel gently exfoliates the delicate eye area prior to a hydrating and plumping mask and ending with a soothing moisturizing massage.  The result is fresher, more youthful looking eyes which offer a brighter view to the beauty beyond them.



Keep shining, the world needs your light.

Deluxe restorative six step eye treatment: $30

This gentle yet effective eye treatment is designed to reduce swelling, drain excess lymph fluid, and release facial adhesions that impact fine lines, wrinkles, and dark circles.  Beginning with an exfoliation to smooth and prepare the skin, followed by a hydrating mask, and a rich moisturizer, this treatment helps to minimize fine lines, puffiness, dehydration, and dark circles.  Incorporated into this service is the use of an organic tea compress, collagen eye pads, ice globe therapy and lymphatic drainage massage.

Never is a lip curved in pain that cannot be pampered into smiles again.

Smoothing and Conditioning Lip Treatment: $20

Whether it’s the summer sun, winter dry heat, blistering wind or now the stagnant mask air, our lips are being challenged to stay soft, supple, and healthy looking.

Treat your chapped lips and fine wrinkles around the mouth to a smoothing exfoliation followed by a hydrating lip mask and finish off with a deep conditioning lip balm.  Using fruit enzymes, rich shea butter, natural peptides, and potent bioflavonoids this deeply hydrating, collagen boosting treatment leaves lips feeling incredibly soft and looking youthfully hydrated.

Lay back, relax and let us pamper you with our all-organic exfoliation, mask, and balm for full, soft lips.

You glow differently when you’re happy.

Revitalizing Scalp Massage: $20

Massaging the scalp can relax the entire nervous system by stimulating the nerves that sit close to the skin’s surface.  With a firm, yet gentle touch, a good scalp massage can help reduce the levels of stress hormones that impact everything from our heart rate and emotions, to blood pressure, and breathing.  The massage begins with a light application of a scalp purifying tonic, by way of a slow and deliberate touch. This is followed by a deeper, more vigorous massage using a hint of herbal scalp oil to nourish and soothe, while settling and slowing the nervous system.

The therapist will address the entire scalp from the base of the scull to the forehead, thereby releasing pressure and restrictions that can lead to headaches and facial constriction. It has also been noted that scalp massage can encourage hair growth due to the increase of circulation and stimulation to the hair follicle.  And it feels AMAZING.

*The scalp massage uses very little tonic and oil, but it is however, not recommended for those looking to keep their hair neat and tidy.

Walk towards the good in life, and one day you will arrive.

Rejuvenating Foot Treatment: $25

Be it from a sedentary life style, constrictive shoes, prior injuries or from simply standing all day, the feet are some of the most beat up and neglected parts of our body. Many studies have been done, proving that massaging the feet can increase circulation of stagnant blood in the lower extremities back up to the heart. This helps to cleanse and nurture the entire body while healing and deeply relaxing it at the same time. By massaging your feet, you impact and influence every organ in the body.

If you’ve already made the time and committed to some self-care, why not show your feet a little extra love. Experience the sensation of a milk wash massaged into the feet, followed by an exfoliation to invigorate and smooth and a hydrating mud mask to draw out impurities. Steam towels are used to remove the mask prior to a long and detailed foot massage using a conditioning foot cream and a cooling leg gel. It’s more than just an amazing feeling, it’s a full reboot for the system!

A gem cannot be polished without friction, nor can one be perfected without trials.

Gemstone Face Massage with Rosehip Triple C + E Firming Oil: $25

Gemstones embody a unique energy that can focus and amplify our body’s own inherent healing force.

Formed over millions of years, often at high pressure, the Earth’s gemstones hold intense concentrations of therapeutic power.  They radiate a profound energy that can affect all dimensions of our being, physical and subtle, thereby healing and transforming us on multiple levels.

Gemstones often carry a small charge which serve to awaken the skin, infusing it with piezoelectric energy. This same charge also works to dissipate energetic blockages that can obscure our natural radiance.

With their powerful energies and profound resonance with the human body, they are perfect healing tools.

Our Gemstone Face Massage with Eminence Rosehip Triple C + E Firming oil is a unique facial massage using energy packed gemstones paired with the fragrant formula oil, rich in vitamin C and E to help improve the overall tone and texture of the skin and brighten and even out the complexion.

The results are glowing skin infused with energy that can help restore your dermal health and initiate enduring changes.

This treatment pairs beautifully with The Signature Facial and our Almond Mineral Regenerating Facial.

Keep shining, the world needs your light.

LED Light Therapy: $30

LED is a skincare treatment that uses varying wavelengths of light to help reduce signs of aging/photoaging or target inflammation and redness associated with certain skin conditions.  Red light acts on cells in the skin known as fibroblasts, which play a role in the production of collagen, while blue light reduces the activity in the sebaceous glands as well as killing acne causing bacteria.  LED light therapy is a great addition to any skin resurfacing treatment or deep pore cleanse.

**LED cannot be performed on anyone using Accutane or with visible rash symptoms.

Don’t ever let anyone dull your sparkle.

Microdermabrasion: $45

This highly requested treatment makes the skin look smoother and more youthful, fades pigmentation and helps with acne and scaring. It’s perfect for treating fine lines and wrinkles by removing the top layer of skin, signaling the body to replace the lost skin cells with new, healthy ones.  This non-invasive service stimulates blood flow, which can improve cell production, thereby improving the skin’s elasticity and texture.  This is one of the favorite wrinkle treatments because it is performed quickly with little to no down time.

*More than one treatment may be needed for deeper lines and wrinkles.

High Frequency: $20

What began as a treatment for wound healing back in the 1800’s has evolved into one of the most sought-after skin care treatments due to its efficacy and versality. Renowned for its positive benefits in effectively reducing acne breakouts and calming down previous breakouts in less time, high frequency is also used to enhance skin care by shrinking enlarged pores, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, promoting lymphatic drainage and product penetration, rejuvenating the condition of the scalp and nourishing hair follicles for healthier hair growth.  The safe, gentle oscillating and oxygenating power of high frequency has been shown to enhance blood circulation, increase collagen and elastin production and beautifully tone and tighten the skin, making it the perfect enhancement to any facial.  

Peel and Peptide Enhancements: $35

Increase the efficacy of your exfoliation by adding one of our professional grade peels to your service. Each enhancement below contains 15% – 20% peel strength and includes a potent serum application post peel. 

Radiant Glow: If you’re looking for bright and luminous skin that radiates health and vitality, then this is the peel for you.  Our three-step process is a multi-layered approach to refining and restoring the skin’s youthful appearance.  This 20% peel combines 5 different acid types with a powerful antioxidant blend that helps restore the look of luminosity to the skin.  Your treatment is followed by an antioxidant rich mix of botanical peptides, gardenia stem cells and yellow plum extract designed to reduce the signs of environmental aging.

Fresh Face:  One of our favorites for draining the buildup of lymphatic fluid within the face and channeling boosters and serums deeper into the skin.  The heat of this particular peel increases both circulation and lymphatic movement within the face, providing a deep flush of toxins and a surge of fresh blood and healing oxygen throughout the skin. The unique layering of different serums, boosters and peptides post peel serve as a powerhouse of nutrients for the fresh face skin.

Decongestion: This peel is the gold star treatment when it comes to removing dead skin cells and bacteria from the skin.  A big player in the acne scene, salicylates contain both antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.  Beta-hydroxy acids also help to lighten dark spots that remain following a breakout and work to prevent debris and oils from becoming trapped in the pores.

 This peel and post peel treatment will purify, exfoliate, and improve the skin’s overall health and appearance.

Hyperpigmentation: Using natural occurring Vitamin A with skin lightening beta carotene this peel works to fade hyperpigmentation left behind by sun damage and scarring.  The presence of copper and zinc also help to further protect the skin from UV rays and the richness of vitamin C help to brighten your complexion while fighting off free radical damage.

This peel shines as it lightens and brightens while increasing the production of collagen thereby improving the overall tone and elasticity of the skin.

Extractions: $35

Extractions are defined as the manual means of clearing a pore that has become clogged with excess sebum, debris and dead skin cells. Extractions help to dislodge the dirt and excess sebum trapped within the pores helping to prevent inflammation and improve skin appearance.  When performed by a skilled professional with proper equipment and training, facial or back extractions will clear clogged pores and preserve the integrity of the overall health of the skin.

If your skin is needing a deep clean of this nature, please be cautious of performing your own extractions; this could lead to bacteria entering the open pore or an excessive amount of pressure being applied causing skin irritation or damage. Extractions will be limited to 15 minutes to avoid over stimulation of the area.

Great extractions don’t happen by chance; they happen by appointment.