Our Newly Renovated Spa

Nature’s Spa has been enjoying a beautiful existence here in Charlotte for almost 10 years.  We started out with just three rooms, a few strong spirited and talented therapists (who are for the most part still here), and a whole lot of blind ambition.  Today we are operating 7 rooms, house a full staff of amazing people and have just begun to find our way.

From the beginning, we have treated the spa and all who visit as a home with frequent sojourners.  We have relished in the gifts that come with so many hearts and souls convening in a space we occupy and play in.  We have almost fool-heartedly embraced the expansion and growth simply because we love what we do.  I say almost fool-heartedly because a business does not thrive on pure passion alone and it will suckle at the very essence of your being to satiate its needs.  Over the last few years, we have felt the primal hunger and needs of the business in a very real way.

As with anything that is birthed from you, that hunger and need evokes a call to action, it sparks an instinct to provide and care for, regardless of your experience and sometimes in spite of your knowledge or lack thereof.

On one hand, we have fought hard to be the best we can be with what we know, while still staying true to our original calling as healers. On the other hand, we have been very fortunate and blessed to have amazing people enter our lives that are great at what they do, believe in what we do and have shown up to be a part of it.  This perfect blend of deep passion, blind faith and a community of angels have laid the foundation for a new adventure for Nature’s Spa!!

Join us as we veer onto a new path that reaches out to the next 10 years.  Walk with us as we navigate this new terrain and all the fun and folly that go with it and more importantly stop in for a visit and be a part of our story! We here at Nature’s Spa look forward to sharing in the journey!

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