Our Commitment to Your Safety and Privacy

Safe touch is a guarantee we stand by.

Nature’s Spa is committed to a safe and welcoming environment for our clients and our staff.

The safety and comfort of our clients is top priority.

We have developed very clear procedures around the draping process that is executed for all of our services. We require the client’s approval for specific work on certain areas of the body, when that work is either requested and/or recommended by the therapist or the referring physician for the health benefit of the client. If at any time a client is uncomfortable, we encourage them to immediately stop the service and ask to speak with the manager who will handle the situation with respect and courtesy; away from all staff members.  

We also take the safety of our staff into consideration. If, at any time, they find the client’s behavior or language inappropriate, they are encouraged to excuse themselves from the session and report their concerns to the front desk staff.

All client information is considered private and confidential and is only used by our staff to ensure the best outcome for your service. All staff members sign a confidentiality agreement, which governs how all information provided us is to be used and protected. Violation of this agreement or above procedures can result in immediate termination and/or legal action.

Procedures such as these help ensure our clients receive the best possible service in an environment of safety, privacy and concern for their well-being. Safe touch is a guarantee we stand by.

We are happy to provide copies of our policies upon request.

Spa Guidelines

These guidelines are shared to help you enjoy your spa experience to the fullest extent possible.

Making an Appointment

When making an appointment, please notify us of the following:

  • Allergies or medical conditions, including pregnancy
  • If you have a gender preference for your Service Provider
  • If you have a request for a specific Service Provider
  • If you are celebrating any special occasions

You will be asked to provide a valid credit card with expiration date at the time of booking.

For a group reservation (3 or more), a non-refundable deposit will be requested at the time the appointment is made.

Arrival Time

  • For first time visitors, we ask that you arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to complete a new client form.
  • If you are a returning client, we ask that you arrive at least 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment.

Treatment Recommendations

  • Shaving is not recommended prior to body treatments.
  • Shaving is recommended, but not necessary for men prior to a facial.
  • Removing make-up is recommended, but not necessary prior to a facial.
  • If you experience discomfort due to room temperature, massage pressure, music volume or any other conditions, please let your therapist know immediately.
  • Please let us know of any special needs or conditions that may be relevant to your treatment prior to your scheduled service.

Cancellation Policy

If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, please notify the spa at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance of your appointment to avoid being charged the full service fee.

Cancellations of group appointments require at least 72 hours’ notice.