Herbal Thai Ball Massage

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Herbal Thai Massage Balls were developed in Asia over 5000 years ago, and they offer a number of benefits when used in conjunction with massage.  Just like a hot stone massage, the therapist will synchronize the application of the steamed herbal Thai balls with the firm effleurage strokes of the treatment to release the powerful herbs into the skin as their intoxicating aroma fills the room.

This treatment helps to increase the circulation of blood and lymph throughout the body. The herbs that are found in these balls include ginger and tamarind which are renowned for their healing effect.  Many other herbs can be included in a traditional massage ball, but all the plants that are selected are known for their healing properties. They help to open the body’s energy flow, and release Prana, or life energy. Cellular re-growth is another benefit that a Thai ball session provides, and the herbs are specially designed to combat the free radicals that are associated with skin cancer. Natural herbs work to help promote cellular re-generation and are essential in promoting the circulation of the body’s natural energy flow. These channels can promote the body’s own healing properties, and a massage is a great way to work the beneficial herbs into the skin. They can then work their magic and relaxation will pervade as the body begins to heal.   **Take home the herb packs for future use.

60min. $120

90min. $150

120min. $195

**As with all Natures Spa treatments you can always add the following enhancements for just $20 each.

  • Revitalizing Scalp Treatment
  • Rejuvenating Foot Treatment
  • Hot Stone to any massage

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