Summer Spa Menu

There’s something so magical and soothing about Summer. There’s a level of expansiveness and freedom that spans from the sandy covered toes to the bright blue, cloud speckled sky. The warmth of the sun upon your skin and the gift of a rare summer breeze through your hair is something no other season can offer.

This Summer there seems to be an energy that evokes a sense of wild abandonment as people cast off their protective cover and look to live in the moment.

Whatever your approach to Summer 2023 is, we here at Nature’s Spa hope it’s a beautiful summer to remember.

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Summer Menu

Tropical Sugar Scrub and Peel Package: $465

Pineapple and papaya are two of the richest plant sources of proteolytic enzymes which work to dissolve dead skin cells and stimulate new growth.

Coconut oil acts as a gentle exfoliator as well but really shines as a physical barrier to environmental pollutants while sealing in precious moisture, reducing oxidative damage, and promoting collagen formation.

Using pineapple, papaya, and coconut, this body scrub draws out toxins and buffs away dead skin leaving it soft and smooth. While wrapped you will enjoy a mini facial using our Tropical Superfood Collection ~ With beautiful textures, delicious scents and all sorts of vitamins and antioxidants, this treatment visibly renews the look of skin and delivers brightening properties for a healthy-looking glow. Following your facial is a soak in our milk and honey body bath for added nutrients and moisture. Your session ends with skin conditioning using our Yuzu solid body oil for a unique skin care treatment.

Whether you are heading to the beach, coming back from sun and fun or grabbing a quick staycation, this spa package focuses on skin renewal and relaxation for that island’s beauty glow!

This package includes our complimentary fruit and cheese plate with your choice from our seasonal beverage menu.

Please allow 2.5 hours. Gratuities are included in all Nature’s Spa packages.

Stone Crop and Aloe Sun Repair Package: $465

Our Stone Crop and Aloe Sun Repair Package works to contour, tone and tighten.

Take your self-care to the next level with a gentle sugar and salt scrub that buffs away dull, dry skin cells and sets the stage for hydration, while our restorative wrap imparts healing benefits that go beyond a head-to-toe glow. Stone crop is known for addressing the three H’s: hydration, healing and hyperpigmentation and our professional body treatments help to improve circulation, stimulate your lymphatic system, release serotonin, and promote cell regeneration.

Following your scrub, wrap AND express facial, you’ll soak in our Dead Sea salt bath then be whisked away for some silky skin conditioning using our stone crop body oil and contouring cream; a dynamic blend of coffee and microalgae extract that reduces the thickness of fatty tissue for firmer, more toned skin, clinically proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

You are supposed to have fun this summer; we are supposed to take care of your skin while you do!

This package includes our complimentary fruit and cheese plate with your choice from our seasonal beverage menu.

Please allow 2.5 hours. Gratuities are included in all Nature’s Spa packages.

Summer Skin Pamper Package: $545

The hot and muggy Carolina weather means more sweat, more oil, and more reasons to pamper yourself with a summer skin body polish, Dead Sea salt soak and much needed massage!

Relax with our slow and rhythmic dry body brushing, a nourishing milk wash massaged into tired muscles, an invigorating scrub using nourishing salts, sugars, butter, and balms to increase circulation and remove damaged skin cells followed by a soak in our sea salt bath for an infusion of powerful minerals and soothing oils.

Rest and reflect with our complimentary cheese and fruit board paired with your beverage choice from our seasonal menu.

Finish with a wonderfully relaxing 60-minute, full body massage with hydrating foot treatment, and a luxurious cleansing scalp massage.

Please allow 3 hours. Gratuities are included in all Nature’s Spa packages.

Tranquility Spa Package: $645

“Rest and self-care are so important.  When you take time to replenish your spirit, it allows you to serve others from the overflow.  You cannot serve from an empty vessel.”  Eleanor Brown.

Sometimes, you just need to relax and be soothed. Sometimes you just need that gentle touch with permission to rest; active quiet with a rhythmic beat that enters your weary soul.

Our Tranquility Spa Package focuses on a gradual progression into deep relaxation. We begin with an all over body scrub, polishing away dead skin cells and washing away stress and anxiety. You then soak in a lavender sea salt and milk bath where your muscles are softened and skin is smoothed before being whisked away for a delicious treat and our soothing 90-minute relaxation massage with our reflex point scalp treatment. Now that you are totally relaxed, the pampering continues with a 60-minute facial to take this package over the top!

Using lavender, chamomile and bergamot this treatment is sure to soothe your many senses, such as touch, smell, taste and vision to elicit a deep level of relaxation as you enjoy four hours of pampering and self-care.

This package includes our complimentary cheese and fruit plate along with your choice from our seasonal beverage menu.

Please allow 4 hours. Gratuities are included in all Nature’s Spa Packages.

Summer Nights Illuminating Facial Package: $345

**Most popular facial given as a gift ~ includes beverage, gratuity, and a full-size product to take home.

Revitalize your skin with island beauty’s best kept secret!

Did you know your skin does its best repair at night?  Diminish the visible signs of skin damage while you sleep with our “take something home” facial package.

“The skin is more receptive to absorbing ingredients at night when the epidermis becomes more penetrable. This factor makes it even more paramount to incorporate hydrating ingredients and protective oils into nighttime routines.”

From the islands of the South Pacific, our Monoi product line is packed with antioxidants and powerful nutrients that work to soothe, restore and illuminate the skin,

One of the major benefits of monoi oil is the soothing effect it has on reactive and dry skin. This multi-purpose oil has been traditionally used in Polynesian medicine to soothe dry, flaky skin linked to sensitivity and specific conditions. It’s more typically used as a deep penetrating moisturizer to protect skin against the drying effects of intense tropical sun, harsh winds and saltwater, thereby reducing the signs of environmental aging.

Our Summer Nights Illuminating Facial Package begins with a long and detailed facial massage followed by an exfoliating cleanser and a deeper exfoliation using a topical acid and microderm abrasion. Drift away under a hydrating mask and relaxing scalp treatment, followed by a potent application of our Citrus and Kale serum and argan stem cell complex moisturization.

Your neck, shoulders, arms, and hands are massaged and pampered with extra attention to the hands and fingers with our Youthful Hands Treatment.

Continue the benefits of this unique treatment with our “take something home” Monoi Age Corrective Night Body Cream, which is used in your hand treatment.

Please allow 90 minutes. Gratuity and a special Gift are included.