Service Enhancements

In so many instances, it’s that little extra that sets certain experiences apart from others.  Because we are all unique in our design and desires, what deepens the level of relaxation or results for one, might not impact another.

It is for that reason that our service enhancements are some of our most requested treatments on our menu; they add that special touch to an already special service.

Here at Nature’s Spa, we have used our nearly 15 years of spa wisdom to craft some of the most indulgent and transformative add on services in the industry, thereby improving the quality, value and extent of each session. Our service enhancements cater to the specific wants of each and every client, making it a truly customizable and “unique to you” experience.

Listed below are all the enhancements available for massage.

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Massage Enhancements

We repeat what we don’t repair

Lymphatic Dry Brushing: $25

The lymphatic system is a vital component to our overall health, as it processes and discards toxins and free radicals that cause disease and rapid aging.  Adding lymphatic dry brushing to any massage will supercharge the session to a greater level of healing.

Using a coarse dry brush, the skin is purged of impurities and well prepared for the deeper, penetrating strokes of the scheduled massage.  Moving in a methodical fashion, with light and gentle strokes, stagnant lymph is pushed towards lymph nodes for elimination and the body’s immune system is ready for some good self-cleaning and protection.

Deep relaxation with penetrating heat is a way to soothe the suffering in the body and mind.

Hot Stone Add-On: $20

(Can be added to massage or Bare Back Skin Treatment; cannot be added to a facial)

Our hot stone add-on is perfect for those who may not want (or know if they want) a full body hot stone massage, but may be looking to have some tight areas targeted with the deep penetrating heat of our basalt volcanic rock.  Known for their ability to retain and transfer heat, hot stones allow the therapist to “melt” muscles on a deeper level, thereby releasing adhesions and softening constricted tendons and ligaments.  The glide of the hot stone over the warm oiled surface of the skin in both therapeutic and deeply relaxing.

You glow differently when you’re happy.

Revitalizing Scalp Massage: $20

Massaging the scalp can relax the entire nervous system by stimulating the nerves that sit close to the skin’s surface.  With a firm, yet gentle touch, a good scalp massage can help reduce the levels of stress hormones that impact everything from our heart rate and emotions, to blood pressure, and breathing.  The massage begins with a light application of a scalp purifying tonic, by way of a slow and deliberate touch. This is followed by a deeper, more vigorous massage using a hint of herbal scalp oil to nourish and soothe, while settling and slowing the nervous system.

The therapist will address the entire scalp from the base of the scull to the forehead, thereby releasing pressure and restrictions that can lead to headaches and facial constriction. It has also been noted that scalp massage can encourage hair growth due to the increase of circulation and stimulation to the hair follicle.  And it feels AMAZING.

*The scalp massage uses very little tonic and oil, but it is however, not recommended for those looking to keep their hair neat and tidy.

Walk towards the good in life, and one day you will arrive.

Rejuvenating Foot Treatment: $25

Be it from a sedentary lifestyle, constrictive shoes, prior injuries or from simply standing all day, the feet are some of the most beat up and neglected parts of our body.  Many studies have been done, proving that massaging the feet can increase circulation of stagnant blood in the lower extremities back up to the heart. This helps to cleanse and nurture the entire body while healing and deeply relaxing it at the same time.  By massaging your feet, you impact and influence every organ in the body.

If you’ve already made the time and committed to some self-care, why not show your feet a little extra love. Experience the sensation of a milk wash massaged into the feet, followed by an exfoliation to invigorate and smooth and a hydrating mud mask to draw out impurities.  Steam towels are used to remove the mask prior to a long and detailed foot massage using a conditioning foot cream and a cooling leg gel.  It’s more than just an amazing feeling, it’s a full reboot for the system!