Meet Corie

As a massage therapist and skin care specialist for over 20 years I have become selective in both my professional approach and my clientele. I view any relationship as a dual partnership, one that requires an equal commitment from both.

I love what I do and I pour my heart into it.  Through the years I have learned that to be effective I must be authentic.  I believe that all healers are called to hold a space for others to heal themselves.  I embrace the call to hold a space for you, to show up with the greatest of intentions and to use what I have been blessed to learn as a means to ignite the healing power within you.

Whether it be a relaxing massage, a therapeutic rebalancing, a skin nourishing facial or body treatment or all of the above, my goal is to meet you where you are at, see you as you truly are and create a ritual that will soothe, nurture and balance.

I genuinely look forward to partnering with you as we bring our awareness and attention to who you are and what you need so that you may find your inner balance and innate healing abilities.

A Historical Bio of sorts:

The body and spirit needs its armor. But there’s a difference between hardening to protect what’s sacred and allowing our experiences to turn us to stone.


82nd Airborne Division

The morning I enlisted in the army, I was still wearing my dance club attire from the night before. College had recently been made improbable, and I had just spent all of years sweet sixteen through high school graduation living out of my backpack, crashing with friends because homelessness was better than home.

Sometimes the seemingly impulsive decisions we make have been patiently waiting for us to make them. And for those of us who lack trust due to the wreckage of the past, all we have is faith in the ever assembling future.

So I trained as a field medic, and at twenty years old deployed for Iraq with the 82nd airborne division.

Amid the chaos, we stabilized the wounded. From our triage tent, people came and went, but it was the day a little girl was assigned to me where language barriers couldn’t deter comprehension – I felt her fear and pain.

These are the moments when our heart caves in, but our spirit bursts wide open. Not all growth is gradual. An instant can change us radically – even into the budding caregivers we ourselves never had.

When I enrolled in medical massage school years later with the same degree of planning and speed I enlisted in the army, I favored the science of absolutes. I dealt in postural distortions, gait abnormalities and muscle imbalances under high ceilings, bright lights, and on cold, hard tables.

After ten years, I had deep knowledge of how the body worked, but an even deeper knowing that the work itself was transforming me. Clinical austerity couldn’t provide the soul nurturing care my clients needed. Nor could it allow me to provide everything I had to give

With that awareness, I left with everything I’d learned and with clear intention, created a spa that serves the weary and wounded – to give them a healing experience they’ve never had.

When the thoroughness of military training and detail of medical bodywork is applied to the world of self-care, you get an experience so comprehensive it becomes a type of reverence.

For the past 12 years, Nature’s Spa has grown and evolved into a place of healing and radical self-care.  We have grown from a three-room facility to a seven room/eight table spa with over twenty team members.

We work tirelessly to provide a safe space for rest and a welcoming place for celebration.

Coming here, to Nature’s Spa, is how the brave, the journeying, and the weary among our clients take good care of themselves…

To allow yourself to be honored wherever you are in your story – in celebration of good news, in restoration after hard work, in healing from great challenge – is to allow yourself to be seen. And to keep your broken heart mending and your spirit open is to ready yourself for the next challenge…as well as the next big leap.

Please visit @naturesspacharlotte @coriedulken @charlottegirlgarage to learn more and journey with.

Corie Dulken

Schedule a Visit

First time client appointments are booked for two hours and subsequent appointments are a minimum of 90 minutes.

Initial consultation appointment for both massage and skin care: $240 ~please allow a minimum of two hours. *consult first 20-30 minutes.

  • Relaxation and Rest Massage: $180~ Please allow a minimum of 90 minutes.
  • Restore and Rebalance Massage: $210~ Please allow a minimum of 90 minutes.
  • Customizable Facial: $210~Please allow a minimum of 90 minutes.

Each session is an intuitive blend of modalities and methods, woven into a collaborative dance of techniques, designed to achieve the desired results.

Products used are in line with natural beauty and holistic health practices and are at a minimum organic, at best vibrant plant medicine.

Practices may include cupping, gua-sha, Dien Chen Zone facial reflexology, lymphatic dry brush or massage, application of pain patches and/or hot and cold stones.

During your initial consultation we will determine if any of these products or practices should be omitted or avoided.