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If you’re lucky enough to take a breather from the back to school and  holiday chaos we here at Nature’s Spa are ready to make it a memorable moment.  We invite you to enjoy a warm and soothing massage or a high performing yet relaxing facial.  Solve some of winter’s beauty dilemmas such as dry and itchy skin with one of our skin smoothing body scrubs or jump start a healthy new you with our detoxifying body wraps.  Better yet; treat yourself to one of our signature packages and experience them all!

No matter what you choose or who you gift an experience to, we wish you and yours a very Bootiful Autumn,  Happy Holiday and an abundant New Year!

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Holiday Detox: $250

Help that special someone, maybe you, get a jump on their New Year’s resolution with a body wrap to help detox the body and nourish the skin. This intense treatment will work to pull out stagnant toxins from the body that cause fatigue, illness and a sallow looking appearance using powerful oils, herbs, salts and minerals.

It begins with a lymphatic draining dry brush to prepare the skin; next a mineral enriched cleansing of the body is performed, followed by a vigorous exfoliation and the application of a deep earth herbal mud. The body is then covered with a heat holding wrap to support activation. Detoxify the delicate skin on your face with our all organic express facial and say goodbye to all your tension with a relaxing soak in our detox sea salt body bath.

Conclude your experience with a full body skin conditioning. This package includes a complimentary detox tea, fruit plate and a detox gift to take home.

Please allow at least 2 hours. Gratuity is included.

Rest & Reset Spa Package $395

Using select ingredients designed to work with worry and anxiety, pain and inflammation or stagnation and detoxification our Rest & Reset Spa Package is the perfect reset button for body, mind and soul.  

Your treatment begins with a soothing, garshana-silk dry brushing, followed by a fully body oil application chosen for the respective season. Next is an all-over dry powder massage, using herbal cleansing grains to stimulate lymph movement, encourage circulation and strengthen and tone the soft tissues of the body.  Purify the body as you soak in a meditative bath, rich with nutritive minerals, then balance the body with a customized facial and full body conditioning using hot and cold towels, marma point head massage and dosha specific oils. This package was designed to work at resetting the body and encouraging deep rest and repair. This is a more comprehensive treatment due to the level of customization. 

Package includes our complimentary cheese and fruit plate, dosha specific tea and your choice of our seasonal beverage. Gratuity is included. 

Please allow 3 hours

Warmth and Wellness Package: $325

Looking to experience a sample of all our seasonal specials? Well, this is the package for you! Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall- this package is the one to try!

Enjoy our skin repair scrub along with our ultimate detox body wrap and our mini organic face ritual using Eminence products selected specifically for you and your skin concerns, followed by a soak in our detox salt bath. Relax and enjoy an artisanal fruit and cheese plate with complimentary tea or wine, then drift away under the deep penetrating heat of our ancient hot stone massage, nourishing scalp treatment and a deluxe foot treatment using hot stones and arnica oil for a warm and healing treat.

Leave knowing you are loved with our Eminence body oil, perfect for moisturizing or massaging; or possibly both. This is three hours of personalized pampering; the perfect way to warm the heart and soothe the soul.

Please allow 3 hours. Gratuity included. Gift included.

Yam & Pumpkin Facial Package: $210

Pumpkin contains some of the highest concentration of Vitamin A (beta carotene), a highly active antioxidant as well as proteolytic enzymes, which help in breaking down the keratin bond between dead cells; a powerful combination perfect for skin repair.

This relaxing yet powerful treatment which uses yam, pumpkin, cranberry, pomegranate, strawberry, rhubarb and blueberry will help to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, decrease fine lines and wrinkles and lighten pigmentation while providing anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits. Orange foods are better absorbed and used by our body during the fall and winter months, so it’s a perfect time to embrace the fall harvest. In addition to your facial you will enjoy a rejuvenating foot and hand massage, dry scalp treatment and a restorative three step eye enhancement using organic bearberry, naseberry, and raspberry to hydrate nourish and reduce the visible signs of aging. Take time for yourself and relax as you enjoy a complimentary artisanal fruit and cheese plate and your choice from our seasonal beverage menu.

Allow at least 105 minutes. Gratuity is included.

Holiday Pick Me Up: $185

Find a moment in your busy holiday planning and events to take time for a relaxing treatment that is sure to bring you happiness and joy! Treat your skin to a customized express facial that includes a 30-minute head neck and shoulder massage and your choice of a foot treatment or tonic and oil scalp treatment. Perfect for a quick getaway or gift for a special friend or loved one.

Allow a minimum of 90 minutes. Gratuity is included.





All I Want for Christmas: $325

Nature’s Spa’s Most Popular Menu Item

Looking to experience a sample of all our remarkable treatments?

Well, this is the package for you! Enjoy our Hydrating Body Wrap with our mini Pumpkin Enzyme organic face ritual using yam, pumpkin, cranberry, pomegranate, strawberry, rhubarb and blueberry, followed by a soak in our muscle soothing salt bath. Relax and enjoy an artisanal fruit and cheese plate with a complimentary drink from our seasonal beverage menu, then drift away under the deep penetrating heat of our ancient hot stone massage and dry scalp treatment. This is three hours of personalized pampering; the perfect way to usher in a cold winter.

Please allow 3 hours. Gratuity included.



Jingle Bell ROCK: $250

There’s a reason our hot stone massage is so popular during the winter months! Experience the warm, deep penetrating heat of hot stone coupled with the firm slow strokes of the therapist’s hands for a perfectly relaxing and therapeutic massage.

Hot stone massage is an ancient healing art that provides penetrating heat to tense or locked muscles, diving deep into aching joints. Warm oils calm the body as the gliding sensation from the warmth of the stones melts away muscle tension, reduces stress, and promotes healing; thus, relaxing the body at its deepest level.

This holiday package includes a rejuvenating foot treatment and a dry oil scalp treatment as well as a complimentary cheese and fruit plate with your choice off our seasonal beverage menu.

Please allow a minimum of 2 hours. Gratuity is included.

Sinus and Allergy Massage Package: $220

This specialized massage focuses on relieving the pain and discomfort experienced by chronic congestion due to seasonal allergies and the common cold.  

We begin with an all over lymphatic dry brushing to stimulate the drainage process and essential oils to support the opening of the sinuses. The full body massage strokes are firm and relaxing, paying special attention to the sinus points on the feet.  

Working to relieve stagnant and congested areas, we use steam towels and cold facial stones to release pressure along the frontal, ethmoidal, sphenoidal and maxillary sinuses, along with essential oils noted for their antibacterial, antimicrobial and decongesting properties.  

This full body massage provides a general sense of relaxation with increased circulation. The head, face, neck and shoulder massage is perfect for those who suffer from headaches and pressure due to mild or severe congestion.  

Package includes lymphatic dry brushing, reflexology point massage, essential oil and steam towel treatment, cold facial stone massage and a full body Swedish massage. Treatment is followed by a shot of elderberry syrup with local, seasonal honey; known for treating allergies and boosting the immune response.

Please allow a minimum of 90 minutes. Gratuity is included.

All services below are individual services that can be added to a package or enjoyed on their own. Gratuity is not included.

Winter Blues Body Scrub $145

This full body treatment is perfect for dry, neglected skin that is under siege by the dehydrating conditions of cold weather. It starts off with an all-over dry brush to help exfoliate and increase lymphatic drainage, followed by an invigorating scrub fused with high potent enzymes to pull off dead skin cells that block the glowing skin underneath. Finally, the relaxing skin smoothing properties of our Dead Sea Salt body bath infused essential oils of eucalyptus, sage, marjoram and camphor ease muscle tension and nourish the new fresh skin with natural oils and elements that soften and hydrate. Finish with a hydrating, pore closing mist and a deep penetrating moisturizer to protect and condition your newly awakened skin.

Please allow a minimum of 90 minutes.

**Add the following enhancements for just $20 each for a more pampering experience. 

  • Restorative Three Step Eye Treatment
  • Smoothing and Conditioning Lip Treatment
  • Revitalizing Scalp Treatment
  • Rejuvenating Foot Treatment
  • Lymphatic Movement Face Massage with Vitamin C and E Rosehip Oil ($25)
  • Herbal Thai Ball Detox Facial Massage ($25)
  • Deluxe Restorative Six Step Eye Treatment ($30)

Warm your muscles and sooth your spirit by adding a full hour, full body, relaxation massage on one of our heated memory foam massage tables for just $75.

Protect the delicate facial skin from the harsh conditions of winter and heated rooms with our hyaluronic acid and deep hydrating facial for just $55.

Bright Skin Facial

Using Eminence’s “Natural Hydroquinone” this facial is perfect for tackling hyperpigmentation due to sun damage or hormone fluctuations. Autumn is the perfect time for peels and skin lightening treatments as we are not as exposed to the harsh rays of the sun. Deep exfoliation to remove dirt and dead skin cells, followed by several layers of skin brightening masks and serums, work to target trouble areas. *Microderm used if necessary. 

60 min $110

90 min $150 (90 min includes a relaxing head, neck, shoulder and hand massage)

Recommended for best results: 6 treatments/60 miniseries $570 (this package also entitles you to 20% off any products from the Bright Skin line and saves you $15 off each facial).

*Seasonal-Limited Time*



Biodynamic Nutritional Facial: $155

Pamper your skin with the purest facial on earth. Using only the finest ingredients Mother Nature has to offer, the Eminence Biodynamic Facial offers a healing approach to skin care – suitable for even the most sensitive skin types and yet has some of the most nutrient dense properties of any skin care treatment.

This facial is perfect for those bravely facing challenges such as cancer, liver disease, hormonal imbalances, highly sensitive or reactive skin and anything that compromises the immune system or has required high doses or long-term use of medication. It is also great for those undergoing a detox or life changes.

Experience the toning and hydrating effects of calendula and eucalyptus oils to leave the skin feeling soft and silky. Soak up essential vitamins and antioxidants of hawthorn and bearberry to help heal and restore. Active masques refine and rejuvenate with radish seed, primrose and melon. Complete your facial with the protective properties of apricot and Echinacea leaving your skin looking younger, healthier and completely renewed.

This ritual includes a peppermint and clove scalp and neck massage and a deep stretch hand massage.

Please allow 90 minutes.

LIFE IS TOO SHORT: 12 Months of Giving

We were not born to work, pay bills and die! We were born to live and to enjoy the lives of others. We were born to be kind and generous; to ourselves and to others; loved ones and strangers alike. I do hope one hour per month is not all you treat yourself to, but if it is we would be honored to be a part of that sacred moment.

A gift that lasts all year long! This package includes 12 60-minute facials or 12 60-minute massages; one each month for the ENTIRE year. This is sure to spark a self-love, self-care practice that could change your life.

Massages $864 (a 20% savings)

Facials $912 (a 20% savings)

Hour of Gratitude Session: $145

Take time to relax and reflect on all the blessings in your life! Wrap yourself in the warmth of our heated memory foam tables and crisp clean linens while your muscles are massaged and kneaded under the skilled hands of our natural healers. Or, enjoy a soothing, rejuvenating facial using pure, organic products designed to nourish and transform your skin.

Each Hour of Gratitude Session donates one massage or facial to local non- profit organizations that works to help woman and children struggling with poverty, oppression, abuse and shame. Our Gratitude Sessions are designed to allow those who feel called to, give the gift of self –care to those who would otherwise rarely be given the opportunity to do so, while caring for themselves as well.

Nature’s Spa partners with each gift and matches it to help reach a community that desperately needs to feel worthy of the simple pleasures of life- such as safe touch and an hour of peace.

Thank you for your gift, may you be rewarded ten-fold.