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Spring Menu

Ayurveda Balancing Facial: $155

**Read through this as it is not your average facial!!

The treatment begins by cleansing the back and using therapeutic steam and ice towels to neutralize and calm the adrenal glands.  Warm herbal oils are then massaged into the skin where they are absorbed and used by the body to self-balance. Gentle pressure points are stimulated to evoke deep relaxation.

A change in position and your balancing facial begins!

Using Ayurvedic oils individually tailored, we lavish your skin with a long and detailed massage; opening, softening and purging the pores.  Relaxed and ready- we cleanse, exfoliate and treat using all organic products designed to nourish and feed the living skin while calming the gentle nervous system.  The touch is soft and soothing but with great strength.

**We cannot diagnose, prescribe or advise on any medical conditions within the Ayurvedic field or otherwise. We are not practitioners but instead create luxurious and beneficial routines using Ayurvedic principals and methodology.

Allow 90 minutes





Herbal Poultice Purifying Massage: $220

Blending lymphatic strokes with steamed herbal compresses this massage draws out stagnant toxins, relieves pain, reduces physical and mental stress and recalibrates the immune system.  We begin with lymphatic dry brushing to shed dead skin and jump start lymphatic movement.  The session then moves into herbal compress massage with deep tissue manipulation to targeted areas along with sinus pressure point therapy throughout the head and face.  We end the session with a concentrated shot of natural remedy, organic elderberry syrup for an added boost to the overworked immune system.  Take time to nourish and rejuvenate the body.  ~How do you treat yourself?

**Add Herbal Poultice Facial Massage to your treatment to address deep sinus pressure and congestion.  $25

Allow 2 hours

Mangosteen Resurfacing Facial: $95

Using Mangosteen, strawberry and Bamboo, our Lactic Acid Complex resurfaces skin and refines pores for a naturally luminous complexion.  Once resurfaced we replenish your skin with high-level antioxidants to protect it from harsh environmental damage.  The results are fresh, glowing skin with primer-like results!

Allow 60 minutes
**Available after March 15th.



Relaxed and Ready (Massage and Facial Package): $245

“For now, there should be no focused intention other than healing and relaxing, and only then you will be ready to move on to the next step of self-care and expansive kindness.  The world needs you relaxed and ready.”

There are 168 hours in each week and most are filled with a whirlwind of tasks or empty, idle spaces.  What would it look like if you gifted yourself (and those around you) with just 2 hours of rebalancing?

Do it now. Commit to some much needed, much deserved self-care NOW, before your schedule fills up, before you take on more than any one person should, before that illness surfaces or that injury hits you.

For over 2 hours enjoy quiet, peaceful healing. Experience the physical, emotional and mental calm that comes from a one-hour massage with warming stones, herbal oils and pressure point therapy. Experience the shift as you rest into the second hour of healing touch. Be soothed by the gentle, yet firm hands of our experienced skin care angels as they rejuvenate the skin and ease tension with our eye treatment and invigorating scalp treatment.

Sip a healing elixir, nourish with a complimentary fruit plate and call back your energy. Draw it deep into your reserves and rebalance!

Be radiant, be rested, be full of joy. Be the best you can be, today. Be ready for tomorrow.

Please allow at least 2 hours. Gratuity included.