Ayurveda Balancing Facial: $155

For the entire month of January

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**Read through this as it is not your average facial!!

The treatment begins by cleansing the back and using therapeutic steam and ice towels to neutralize and calm the adrenal glands.  Warm herbal oils are then massaged into the skin where they are absorbed and used by the body to self-balance. Gentle pressure points are stimulated to evoke deep relaxation.

A change in position and your balancing facial begins!

Using Ayurvedic oils individually tailored, we lavish your skin with a long and detailed massage; opening, softening and purging the pores.  Relaxed and ready- we cleanse, exfoliate and treat using all organic products designed to nourish and feed the living skin while calming the gentle nervous system.  The touch is soft and soothing but with great strength.

**We cannot diagnose, prescribe or advise on any medical conditions within the Ayurvedic field or otherwise. We are not practitioners but instead create luxurious and beneficial routines using Ayurvedic principals and methodology.

Allow 90 minutes





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