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The Warrior Massage – October 2019

When it comes to your own health and well-being you should fight like mad! The lymphatic system is a vital component to our overall health as it processes and discards toxins and free radicals that cause disease and rapid aging. Massage is a huge player in the fight against illness and fatigue by reducing stress, […]

Join us for our Rest and Re-align Spa Event!!

Come be a part of and draw in the power of collective intention during our sacred gathering on October 31st, 2019. Rest and Re-align Spa Package: $265 Call (704) 542-7306 to book your spot today, space is very limited! During this sacred gathering we will bless the space prior to opening and invite 10 journeyers to enjoy 2 hours […]


Interestingly, Blogs are flooded with New Year’s resolutions just as much as they are with Anti New Year’s resolutions. Resolve to make a change this year or resolve to NOT put that added stress or pressure on yourself at the very start of the year? Personally, I feel that the start of the new year, […]

You Are Entirely Up To You

Have you ever thought about writing a letter to your younger self?  Or even a letter to your future self? My husband and I recently attended a seminar where we sought to look at what we bring to the relationship that does not belong or does not empower.  Instead of pointing the finger and finding […]

Rest and Repair

  September is often a tough month for many of us. I’m not sure exactly why but it seems that we are torn between the loss of summer and all the fun and energy that it brings and the emergence of a more dormant period that sparks a feeling of deep rest. We are in […]

Our Newly Renovated Spa

Nature’s Spa has been enjoying a beautiful existence here in Charlotte for almost 10 years.  We started out with just three rooms, a few strong spirited and talented therapists (who are for the most part still here), and a whole lot of blind ambition.  Today we are operating 7 rooms, house a full staff of […]