Top 10 Picks

  1. Nature’s Ultimate Spa Package
  2. Swedish Massage
  3. Neuromuscular Massage
  4. Nature’s Ultimate Facial
  5. Wrap Rest and Restore
  6. Warmth and Wellness Package
  7. Deluxe Couples Package
  8. Integrative Massage
  9. Let’s Face it You’re Beautiful
  10. Skin Repair Package


Nature’s Ultimate Spa Package: $295

Take our Natures Ultimate Spa Treatment; add a full hour massage, a wonderful tonic and oil Scalp Treatment along with a premium glass of wine and decadent chocolate and you have the most coveted treatment in Charlotte.

This spa treatment is an amazingly nurturing experience that begins with a full body lymphatic dry brushing, cleansing massage and exfoliation. You will then relax during our Organic Facial Massage while you drift away under a warm body wrap and say goodbye to all your tension with a relaxing soak in a lavender sea salt body bath. Conclude your experience with a full body, relaxation massage that includes our revitalizing Scalp Treatment. Your session will include a bold glass of premium wine and delicious chocolate which is presented with our cheese and fruit plate.

This treatment will cater to the very essence of all that is nurturing; your skin will be cleansed and relieved of toxic elements that cause illness and fatigue, and your muscles will be soothed and released, allowing a healing flow of blood and energy to restore vitality and movement.

It is the ultimate package. This package receives the most rave reviews. Please allow 3 hours, gratuity included.


Swedish Massage

This traditional massage works to thoroughly release knots and tension built up within the body. Long, slow kneading and effleurage strokes ease and rejuvenate tired and sore muscles. The Swedish massage is gentle but firm, calming the body and the mind, and promoting a sense of relaxation and renewed energy.

60 min. $85

90min. $125

120min. $160

NMT (Neuromuscular Therapy)

This is a therapeutic treatment designed to help restore balance within the body, often referred to as a medical massage. An imbalance over a period of time can create chronic pain and dysfunction, and can eventually lead to many conditions such as…carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, TMJ disorder, chronic neck and back pain, or even scoliosis. This massage is very beneficial in conjunction with physical therapy, pre or post-surgery or after the acute onset of an injury or “pulled muscle.”

*This is a specialized service and requires years of training and certification.

60min. $100

90min. $140

120min. $180

Nature’s Ultimate Facial: $95

Escape to a time where nature was all that surrounded you. A relaxing facial that removes the damaging effects of environmental debris and works to restore a youthful balance that will leave you glowing. This facial incorporates all the elements of a deep pore cleansing facial while adding the luxury of a soothing hand and scalp massage and a rinse of antioxidant rich tea that will calm and nourish your skin. The Nature’s Facial is a fully customizable service; however, we have listed some options for those who want to address certain concerns.


Wrap Rest and Restore: $265

Enjoy lymphatic stimulating body brushing, milk wash massaged into the muscles, an all over body buff to remove dry skin cells and layers of mud, enzymes and herbal mixtures that work to draw toxins from the skin as you rest under the heat wrap. Once unwrapped you will relax in our Dead Sea salt bath as the soothing jets ease away tension. Let yourself drift away with a 30 minute head neck and shoulder massage and restore balance with our penetrating foot and leg treatment using our lychee leg treatment. You’re sure to skip back into the world like a puppy in the park!

Please allow at least 2.5 hours.


Warmth and Wellness Package: $325

Looking to experience a sample of all our seasonal specials? Well, this is the package for you! Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall- this package is the one to try!

Enjoy our skin repair scrub along with our ultimate body wrap and organic face ritual using Eminence products selected specially for you and your skin concerns, followed by a soak in our detox salt bath. Relax and enjoy an artisanal fruit and cheese plate with complimentary tea or wine, then drift away under the deep penetrating heat of our ancient hot stone massage, nourishing scalp treatment and a deluxe foot treatment using hot stones and arnica oil for a warm and healing treat.

Leave knowing you are loved with our Eminence body oil, perfect for moisturizing or massaging; or possibly both. This is three hours of personalized pampering; the perfect way to warm the heart and soothe the soul.


Deluxe Couples Package: $385

Whether you’re celebrating with your best friend, basking in gratitude with family or showering one another with affection; take your memorable experience together to a whole new level. Enjoy a complimentary cheese plate and toast of spirits as you prepare for your upcoming service. Begin to drift away amidst the soft music, warm candlelight and intoxicating aroma of the treatment room. Now you are ready to escape under 90 minutes of warm touch as your muscles are eased of stress and fatigue and nourished with blends of therapeutic essential oils. Feel the deepening of relaxation as you experience the soothing foot treatment and the heavenly scalp massage designed to soothe and calm the energy points of the body. End the session with a moment of stillness and warmth together followed by a nourishing glass of herb infused spa water to hydrate your renewed body.


Integrative Massage

This massage blends our Swedish massage and certain elements of our neuromuscular massage to provide a relaxing treatment to those who are also experiencing pain or discomfort. During this treatment you will enjoy a full body relaxation massage with extra attention paid to specific trouble areas such as the low back, neck, shoulders, feet and hips. Wherever the focus, the therapist will utilize their knowledge of the body along with an intention of deep relaxation to provide a truly unique experience.

60min. $90

90min. $130

120min. $170



Let’s Face it; You’re Beautiful: $320

As a gift for someone special or a primal call to self-love; this package is a perfect way to honor the beauty that rises above the busy of our everyday lives.

Take a couple hours to shed the idea that you’re only worthy when you’re productive. Take time to simply be.
Enjoy a Deluxe Nature’s Facial with our 6 step collagen eye treatment, a relaxing head, neck and shoulder massage and our soothing hand and foot massage with deep conditioning oils. This package includes our wine, cheese and fruit plate as well as a goodie bag with treatment samples for an at home skin care tune up, and a $25 gift certificate for your next visit. *Complimentary champagne available upon request when booking.

**Most popular Mother’s Day gift. Please allow at least 2 hours.

Skin Repair Package: $295

Let our licensed therapists replenish your skin from the effects of the summer sun or prepare and protect it from the harsh conditions of winter. Relax with our slow and rhythmic dry body brushing, a nourishing milk wash massaged into tired muscles, an invigorating, double layered scrub to increase circulation and remove damaged skin cells followed by a soak in our sea salt bath for an infusion of powerful minerals and soothing oils. Finish with a full body conditioning, hydrating foot treatment, cleansing scalp massage and our powerful organic facelift ritual using products hand selected to treat your specific skin type and concerns. This package comes with our yummy fruit and cheese plate and complimentary tea or wine.