Natures Ultimate Spa Package

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Natures Ultimate Spa Package

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This spa treatment is an amazingly nurturing experience that begins with a full body lymphatic dry brushing, cleansing massage and exfoliation. You will then relax during our Organic Facial Massage while you drift away under a warm body wrap and say goodbye to all your tension with a relaxing soak in a lavender sea salt body bath. Conclude your experience with a full body, relaxation massage that includes our revitalizing Scalp Treatment. Your session will include a bold glass of premium wine and delicious chocolate which is presented with our cheese and fruit plate. This treatment will cater to the very essence of all that is nurturing; your skin will be cleansed and relieved of toxic elements that cause illness and fatigue, and your muscles will be soothed and released, allowing a healing flow of blood and energy to restore vitality and movement.

This is the ultimate package. Please allow at least 3 hours: $295

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What are people saying about the Natures Ultimate Spa Package?

“I recently had a three hour spa treatment here that my fiancé gave me for my birthday. One word…..incredible. The treatments were incredibly well thought out, with every detail covered. It was the best massage I’ve ever had, and I’ve had a lot. The sea salt tub was amazing. I could have stayed in it all day. When you walk up to the building, you have no idea that this gem is hidden inside. The atmosphere is so comfortable and relaxing. When I walked out I felt so rejuvenated. I could not recommend this place more highly.”

“My boyfriend bought me a Natures Ultimate Spa package for my birthday and it was a wonderful experience from beginning to end. The massage found knots that I did not know existed. My organic facial was amazing and much needed. My skin has not felt this young and fresh in a long time. The customer service took me by surprise. I did not get that new age “funky feeling, but more of a warm inviting experience. I enjoyed it so much I bought my sister one for Christmas, she needs it!

“The best and most affordable care act is being healthy and well”

How Do You Treat Yourself?

10 Benefits of Massage

1. Decreases stress
2. Soothes anxiety and depression
3. Improves sleep
4. It boosts immunity
5. Relieves headaches
6. Helps beat PMS
7. Chronic pain relief
8. Helps treat side effects of cancer.
9. Alleviates the pain of arthritis, osteImproves & fibromyalgia.
10. Reduces Inflammation

10 Reasons to Detox

1. Remove toxins from the body
2. Prevent chronic disease.
3. Enhance immune system function
4. Lose weight.
5. Slow premature aging.
6. Improve quality of life.
7. Increase energy.
8. Improve skin quality.
9. Mental and emotional clarity.
10. Restore balance to our body’s systems.


Corie Dulken, owner of Nature’s Spa, has a deep passion for all things in balance and strives to enhance the lives of those around her through an unyielding dedication to excellence within the field of self care and self celebration. Her success is directly tied to a genuine desire to comfort and heal paired with an epicurean flare for life. A voracious reader, wanna be chef, wife and mother of three, Corie has over 15 years of experience in massage and skin care with countless more in fitness and nutrition. With an unwavering commitment to health and wellness, she is one of Charlotte’s leading massage and skin care professionals who knows a thing or two about the true finer things in life. Read more about Corie in her interview with local business magazine Women With Know How.