Swedish Massage at our Charlotte Spa

Swedish Massage Integrative Massage Charlotte NC

Swedish Massage at our Charlotte spa.


Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage at our Charlotte SpaThis traditional massage works to thoroughly release knots and tension built up within the body. Long, slow kneading and effleurage strokes ease and rejuvenate tired and sore muscles. The Swedish Massage is gentle but firm, calming the body and the mind, and promoting a sense of relaxation and renewed energy.

60 min         $85
90 min         $125
120 min       $160


As with all Natures Spa treatments you can always add the following enhancements for just $20 each.

  • Restorative three step Eye Treatment with pressure point therapy
  • Smoothing and Conditioning Lip Treatment
  • Revitalizing Scalp Treatment
  • Rejuvenating Foot Treatment
  • Hot Stone to any massage


Swedish Massage at our Charlotte Spa

Our Swedish massage begins when you lay either face down or face up on our massage therapy table (your therapist will direct you). You will be fully covered underneath a crisp clean sheet topped with a warm soft blanket. As the session begins the therapist will individually uncover the areas being addressed to ensure you are always warm and comfortable.

The techniques used in this massage are long, even, firm (but not overly deep) strokes designed to promote a gradual quieting of the sympathetic nervous system. As the nervous system is soothed the body moves into a state that is not quite sleeping and not fully awake; it is the in-between, a state of deep yet conscious rest, a state optimal for deep healing.

During this in-between state your muscles are still awake and being stimulated through manual manipulation. The stagnant blood is being pushed from the soft tissue; fresh, healing blood is now replacing it as the circulation of blood increases with each firm stroke.

The initial “opening” strokes of the massage started off soft and superficial to stimulate the vital lymphatic system, our powerful cleansing system that carries built up toxins toward our lymph nodes for removal.

Blood and lymphatic waste move through the body, purging overworked muscles and organs, improving the condition of your liver, lungs, kidney and skin. Your breathing eases and your hormone levels begin to balance as cortisol, epinephrine and norepinephrine are reduced and dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin are released improving brain function, enhancing good mood, reducing the effects of stress and serving as the body’s natural pain killer.

These are just a few of the many benefits to a relaxing Swedish Massage and there are also many variations of this massage that work to address specific conditions or preferences.