Prenatal Massage during pregnancy at our Charlotte Spa


Prenatal Massage during pregnancy

For the mother to be. (Not in the 1st trimester) Gentle and nurturing, this massage focuses on the needs of the mother. Most often performed lying on your side to encourage and support healthy circulation for you and the baby, this massage works to relieve pressure from the low back, upper shoulders, legs and feet. This massage also helps to promote a deeper connection between you and baby by creating a space for greater body awareness and reflection.  Abdominal massage included by request only.

60 min       $100


As with all Natures Spa treatments you can always add the following enhancements for just $20 each.

  • Restorative three step Eye Treatment with pressure point therapy
  • Smoothing and Conditioning Lip Treatment
  • Revitalizing Scalp Treatment
  • Rejuvenating Foot Treatment
  • Hot Stone to any massage