NMT (Neuromuscular Therapy) at our Charlotte Spa

Neuromuscular Massage Therapy in Charlotte NC

Neuromuscular Massage Therapy in Charlotte NC


NMT (Neuromuscular Therapy)

A therapeutic treatment designed to help restore balance within the body, often referred to as a medical massage. An imbalance over a period of time can create chronic pain and dysfunction, and can eventually lead to many conditions such as…carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, TMJ disorder, chronic neck and back pain, or even scoliosis.  This massage is very beneficial in conjunction with physical therapy, pre or post surgery or after the acute onset of an injury or “pulled muscle”.

60 min         $100
90 min         $140
120 min       $180


As with all Natures Spa treatments you can always add the following enhancements for just $20 each.

  • Restorative three step Eye Treatment with pressure point  (not recommended)
  • Smoothing and Conditioning Lip Treatment (not recommended)
  • Revitalizing Scalp Treatment (highly recommended for head and neck work)
  • Rejuvenating Foot Treatment  (recommended for plantar or foot work only)
  • Hot Stone to any massage (highly recommended)


NMT (neuro-muscular therapy) at our Charlotte Massage Spa

Unlike the Swedish massage that uses long flowing strokes over the entire body, the widely recognized medical massage, also known as NMT (neuro-muscular therapy) uses very precise and segmented hand placements to effectively release specific muscle groups throughout the body. This form of massage is designed to balance the central nervous system (brain, spinal column and nerves) with the structure and form of the musculoskeletal system as defined by Wikipedia. In essence, this massage works to release muscles using specific neurological laws that are always constant. Follow the pain to its corresponding nerve; work to the origin of a muscle, muscle insertion and everything in-between.

A great example of how this massage works can be seen when a client comes in with tingling down the arm, weakness in the wrist, hand or fingers and a deep ache along the upper back and neck. A well trained neuromuscular therapist will ask several questions regarding job requirements, work stations and additional activities to get a better understanding of how the body is positioned throughout most of the day.

Most often it is found that the person works at a computer for a good portion of the day, or drives a long distance during their morning and evening commute. They might be an avid cyclist on the weekends or someone who loves to play video games. Either way, this person is perpetually in a forward leaning, medially rotated posture that within time works to close off the brachial plexus that runs under the collar bone and services the muscle, joints and skin down the respective arm. Many times we will rub our arms, wrists, fingers and back, all for not; simply because the constriction was coming from somewhere else entirely.

The primary objective of an NMT massage therapist

The primary objective of an NMT therapist is not as much relaxation as it is pain management. This happens through the release of constricted muscles that effect posture and performance. When these muscles are constricted they can cause rapid nerve transmissions leading to a vicious cycle of pain and imbalance in the body.

Other aliments greatly improved through the use of neuromuscular massage techniques are whiplash injury, ACL injuries, rotator cuff, plantar faciaitis, sciatica, TMJD, carpal tunnel, tennis elbow and golfer’s hip.