Couples Massage for friends, family, and more are offered at our Charlotte Spa


Couples Packages

Each couples package price includes treatments for two

  • 18% Gratuity Included
  • Glass of wine per person
  • Gourmet Chocolate
  • 24 Hour Spa Package Cancellation Policy


A Quick Escape

Enter a warm inviting room filled with soft music and candlelight; share a toast in celebration as you prepare for a blissful hour of relaxation and therapeutic massage.  Choose between a soothing foot treatment that includes a gentle scrub, warm towels and an invigorating massage, or the relaxing scalp massage for increased circulation, providing hair follicle stimulation, mental clarity and an overall sense of calm. End the session with a moment of stillness and warmth followed by a nourishing glass of herb infused spa water to hydrate your renewed body. Allow at least 90 minutes: $295.

  • 60 Minute Massage
  • Foot or Scalp Treatment
  • Cheese and fruit plate
  • Glass of  hand selected wine
  • Gourmet Chocolate
  • Herb Infused Spa Water


Deluxe Couples Package

Take your memorable experience together to a whole new level. Enjoy a complimentary cheese plate and toast of premium wine as you prepare for your upcoming service.  Begin to drift away amidst the soft music, sensual candlelight and intoxicating aroma of the treatment room. Now you are ready to escape under 90 minutes of warm touch as your muscles are eased of stress and fatigue and nourished with blends of therapeutic essential oils. Feel the deepening of pleasure as you experience the soothing foot treatment and the relaxing scalp massage designed to soothe and calm the energy points of the body. End the session with a moment of stillness and warmth together followed by a nourishing glass of herb infused spa water to hydrate your renewed body. Allow at least 2 Hours: $385.

  • 90 Minute Massage
  • Scalp Treatment
  • Foot Treatment
  • Aromatherapy
  • Warm therapeutic essential oils
  • Cheese and fruit plate
  • Select wines from local winery
  • Decadent chocolates
  • Herb Infused Spa Water

Natures Ultimate Spa Package

*Most Popular Natures Spa Menu Item  **THIS IS ONE PERSON TREATMENT**


Take our Natures Ultimate Spa Treatment, add a full hour massage, a wonderful tonic and oil Scalp Treatment along with a premium glass of wine and decadent chocolate and you have the most coveted treatment in Charlotte.

This spa treatment is an amazingly nurturing experience that begins with a full body lymphatic dry brushing, cleansing massage and exfoliation.  You will then relax during our Organic Facial Massage while you drift away under a warm body wrap and say goodbye to all your tension with a relaxing soak in a  lavender sea salt body bath.  Conclude your experience with a full body, relaxation massage that includes our revitalizing Scalp Treatment. Your session will include a bold glass of premium wine and delicious chocolate which is presented with our cheese and fruit plate.

This treatment will cater to the very essence of all that is nurturing; your skin will be cleansed and relieved of toxic elements that cause illness and fatigue, and your muscles will be soothed and released, allowing a healing flow of blood and energy to restore vitality and movement.

It is the ultimate package.  Allow at least 3 hours


A Shared Experience Massage

Perfect for friends, family members or anyone who wishes to share a massage treatment together.  Enter a warm and inviting room separated by a half wall that allows you the privacy of your own room with access to the shared space so you can visit with or just be near your partner.

Please specify a paired massage when scheduling.

60 min         $180 (total cost for both massages)
90 min         $230 (total cost for both massages)

  • This is not a package : Gratuity is not included