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Beginning in 2017 Nature’s Spa will be celebrating our 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY with new and innovative treatments, packages and services.

Part of that celebration will be showcasing some of our wonderful therapists so that you can get to know them and experience their talents and specialties. Join us as we usher in a New Year where we ask “How do you treat yourself” and how can we help in that endeavor?

Nature’s Spa would like to introduce our very first “Featured Therapist” Marielle Friedman.

Marielle Friedman
Master Massage Therapist

Our longtime friend, colleague, and beloved caregiver, Marielle has earned the title of Master Massage Therapist as a result of 35 years of experience and advanced studies at the Aston Training Institute.

Marielle is a certified national instructor for both Massage Therapy and Qigong; an ancient Chinese health care system whose gentle, rhythmic movements reduce stress, build stamina, increase vitality, and enhance the immune system.

Her training as an instructor and as a Qigong practitioner allows her to infuse her massage sessions with a subtle yet effective form of wisdom and energy; creating an experience often unattainable by most therapists.

Marielle follows an integrated approach to massage therapy, considering the interplay of mind, body and spirit in the healing process. Her massages incorporate the modalities of Gentle-Deep Tissue, Pre-Natal, Sports Massage, Reiki, Hot Stones, and Reflexology.

One of Marielle’s most requested specialties is “gentle” deep tissue, which allows the therapist to reach the deep layers of the fascia while still providing a very relaxing experience for the client.

Another specialty of hers is Pre-natal massage. Gentle and nurturing, this massage focuses on the needs of the mother. Most often performed lying on your side to encourage and support healthy circulation for you and the baby, this massage works to relieve pressure from the low back, upper shoulders, legs and feet. It is Marielle’s soothing nature and true gift as a healer that makes her so popular with prenatal and postnatal clients.

Whatever service you decide to schedule with Marielle, you can be assured she will be guided to the areas and needs of your body from an intuitive and well trained perspective.

Reviews for Marielle

***Marielle walked in, introduced herself and asked me a few questions. Her presence was so calming all my fears went away. My boyfriend and Marielle stepped out and I prepared for my massage. She was amazing. I hold my stress in my traps and neck, which are always tight and in pain. I. however, have gotten so used to the pain that I had no idea how bad it was until my hour was up and I felt like jello. Not only did she relieve the tension in my neck and traps but all the way down to my toes. She was able to give a deep tissue massage that didn’t hurt (there’s a name for this technique but I forgot what she told me it was).

I told her I was curious about reflexology and she did a little at the end of my massage. This woman is a magician!!! Seriously, go see her! Her presence is calming, her technique is nothing less than mastery, and her kindness is immeasurable

***I scheduled a 90 minute integrative massage which combines deep tissue and swedish which is perfect for me – I like it pretty firm…but not a true deep tissue (unless it is more therapeutic/rehab) because sometimes I’d rather relax during my massage and not cringe in pain. She was amazing! She is an older petite woman, and I was worried she wouldn’t be able adequately get all the knots out but she was great. She felt how tense my shoulders were and used a hot towel to loosen my muscles…it was great.

***My massage was with Marielle who took time to ask me exactly what areas I needed worked on. She explained at different times during the massage the purpose of her movements and afterwards offered me written instructions to help maximize my experience. This is an oasis in Charlotte that everyone needs to find. I highly recommend this spa.

A message from the owner:

I have known and worked with Marielle for years and what always strikes me is her deep and authentic level of kindness. Although I work out (sometimes) and can carry around pounds of heavy, dense, knotted muscles, I find myself scheduling a session with Marielle just to calm my nerves and provide balance to my nervous system. I always request additional time for a scalp treatment and then the foot treatment with advanced reflexology; head and feet is what works best for me. I also prefer a very quiet session and Marielle has developed a knack for being able to just flow without a whole lot of input. She is also very humble and receptive; I can go in and tell her that I am in a place and just need to decompress and she intuitively moves about where she is called to go. In fact, surrendering to what she’s called to do (given her level of experience) is often more effective than when I try to micromanage the session. Let the healer do what they do best and you may be surprised by the outcome!

I highly recommend a session with Marielle. She’s wonderful at long sessions and an absolute magician with the head, neck and feet!

Marielle’s “Featured Therapist” services and package:

For the entire month of January take $15 off any of Marielle’s signature services listed below OR $20 off Marielle’s Month Package:

  • Swedish Massage
  • Integrative Massage
  • Pre-natal Massage

Marielle’s Featured Package: $210

  • 90 minute Integrative “gentle” Deep Tissue Massage with a dry oil scalp treatment and our deluxe foot treatment with gentle reflexology and aromatherapy
  • This package includes our complimentary cheese and fruit plate with your choice of beverage plus gratuity