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Experience our ever popular, Charlotte’s first Detox Body Wrap designed to pull toxins from the body that cause fatigue, illness and prevent our bodies from purging what it does not need. We are at the top of the “who’s who list” for Body Wraps, Facials and offer some of the best Massage’s in the Southeast and we have the first of it’s kind.. “Natures Ultimate Spa Treatment” that includes a body scrub, body wrap,organic facial massage, a relaxing soak in a  lavender sea salt body bath followed by a luxurious hydration application for healthy skin; don’t forget about our add-on treatments to enhance any service. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to ensure you receive the full treatment and allow a minimum of 24 hours for cancellations to avoid a late cancellation fee..

We always strive to offer the highest quality, custom tailored treatments in Charlotte so you can feel good about making the choice to spend your time with us. We look forward to having you as our guest.

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Massages available at our Spa

* Herbal Thai Ball Massage

* Headache Relief

* Hot Stone Massage

* Integrative Massage

* Prenatal Massage

* NMT (Neuromuscular Therapy)

* Swedish Massage

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We believe in asking ourselves and others; “How do you treat yourself”, “How do you prioritize the things in life that promote health, wellness and balance”? At Natures’ Spa our main goal is to treat you as well as we strive to treat ourselves. Our focus is about you the minute you reach out, its about where you have been in your life, where you are now and where you want to go! “How do you treat yourself” and how can we help in that endeavor? Established in 2007, Nature’s Spa is a Massage and Skin Care boutique conveniently located in South Charlotte between Ballantyne and South Park. We are proud to staff only the highest trained therapists and estheticians that Charlotte has to offer, providing personalized, nurturing treatments in a quiet, salon free environment. Natures Spa has received countless rave reviews, won several consumer awards and continues to provide exceptional service as a premier massage,skin care and wellness center. We look forward to meeting you, being part of your life story and having you part of ours.

Licensed Massage Therapists

All of our Licensed Massage Therapists are fully trained to perform a variety of massage and spa services. We want your visit with us to be one that relaxes your mind, rejuvenates your body, and renews your spirit. We are totally committed to providing you with a superior bodywork experience every time that you visit our Charlotte spa.

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Charlotte Massages – About the Massage

On the most basic level, massage feels good, it gives the recipient a brief reprieve from daily stress and obligation and encourages much needed self care through safe, nurturing human touch. Massage stretches out the muscles that stay contracted due to job requirements, stress, sleeping habits, poor posture and more often than not…pain. As the stress of the economy, the uncertainty of stability and the pressures of life itself increase, our bodies begin to experience greater amounts of tension, tightness and fatigue and we often continue to press on despite the aches and pains.
Over time the muscles that started to feel tight and tender begin to grow accustomed their new position and eventually lock in place.

Strangely enough we can probably still get through the day due to the fact that our other “less tense” muscles start to compensate for those curled up in little ball. What starts to happen here is you have tight, virtually inactive muscles that begin to develop thicker adhesion’s with minimal blood supply and our more active, compensating muscles carry the brunt of activity thereby suffering from overuse. This is the onset of chronic pain, postural distortions and general dis-ease in the body. Considering that our muscles and our organs are encased in one big connective tissue called fascia it stands to reason that if a muscle undergoes constant trauma or neglect it can have a great effect on all functions of our body.

Additionally, this downward spiral of conditions can cause tremendous stress, depression and often unyielding fatigue creating a viscous cycle of a stress to pain syndrome, the stress is causing pain and the pain is causing stress. Although Massage is not the overall cure for the general state of affairs, it can serve as a powerful ally against pain caused by stress, overuse, injury and imbalance.

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